V2 VZ "Monaro PBR" Brake Caliper Decals x2 - Silver

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Cut from only the best quality automotive cast vinyl. Profile cut to size.

Reproduced from scanning of an original brake caliper.  

"Monaro"  is approx 85mm long by 21mm high.
Silver in colour.

VZ Monaro with the larger brakes.  Suitable for V2 monaros with a brake upgrade.  I am unsure they would fit on the standard calipers.

While these are made from top line Avery cast media we do suggest they should be clear coated over the top.  You need to paint your calipers the colour you want.  Wait a few days ideally for the paint to dry and degas.  Then stick on the decals.  Leave for 24 hours.  (in the sun if you can)  Then coat with clear.  This give the decal time to degas.  As can be seen the eye in the helmet is VERY small.  Clear coating them will assist with this piece of the decal to stay.  

Price is for 2 decals.

Buying from us you know your are supporting a small family Australian business and not sending your hard earned money off shore!

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