HZ GTS Codes and Information

A BIG thankyou must go to Ben Stewart and Warren Turnbull as most of the info below would not be know without their research and printing of the "Monaro Facts" and "Monaro Story" Books! 
Saying that, most of the below info is courtesy of the two Monaro Books.
8WQ69…………………Monaro GTS sedan
L32………………253HC (High Compression)
M20……………..Manual Aussie 4 Speed 3.05:1 first 4 speed
M21……………..Manual Aussie 4 Speed 2.54:1 first 4 speed
M40……………..Tri-matic (automatic)
M41……………..Turbo-hydramatic 400 (automatic)
LSD was available in all as a option also.
Early Production (Pre mid 78) 4.2L Engine, M20 gearbox, 3.55:1 axle
Late Production (From mid 78) 5L Engine, M21 gearbox, 3.36:1 axle
The HZ GTS was the first GTS/Monaro to have the twin headlight front.
Displayed the new updated grille which used the new Holden lion emblem.
Turn signal/indicator frames no longer had the horizontal bars.
Front fenders displayed the newly designed GTS badge.  Located in line with the sports vents and above the body style line.
Deck lid also displayed the new GTS badge.  Located above the lock in the centre of the deck lid.
Grille also displayed the badge.  Located in the lower left section of the grille.
Deck lid displayed the RTS badge.  Located on the lower left corner.
Deck lid displayed the engine designation.  Located on the lower right corner.
For Quartz Halogen headlamps,  Inner two where driving lights.
Instrument panel displayed the RTS badge.  Located under the left side face level air outlet.
Instrument faces where all newly designed.  Indicator marks where now displayed on the outside of the numerals.  Indicator needles coloured yellow.  Dash facia coloured black.
Front and rear windscreen reveal mouldings newly styled black and chrome finish.
Exhaust gas emission control was improved.
Engine coolant recovery system fitted to vehicles with factory air conditioning.
Radial Tuned Suspension. (RTS)
Four wheel power disc brakes.
Early production fitted with the 4.2 litre engine as standard equipment with the 5.0 litre as an option.  From mid 1978 the 5.0 litre engine was standard and made the only engine avaiable.  With the change the engine sizing badge on the deck lid was removed.
Steering wheel horn cap featured the new designed Holden lion emblem.
Front air dam and rear spoiler where standard.  But could be deleted on order.
Rear tail light and turn signal assembly rims painted to body colour.
Sports Wheels (GTS rims) where standard.  Where also colour coded to match body colour.  With Wire wheels 14" x 6" 72 spoke and Polycast 14" x 7" rims available as options.
New unique colours available for the first time.  Along with two tone combinations.
Optional two tone painted sports pinstripes.  Originally available on factory delivered vehicles,  later becoming dealer installed from early 1978.
Power steering standard with the introduction of the 5.0 litre as the standard engine.
Headlining material was made from a fine sandpaper texture material.
Optional cloth trim called "Tartan Plaid Cloth".  Cloth trim interiors also featured a fold down centre armreast in the rear seat.  A first for a Monaro/GTS.
Towards the end of the GTS production many items previously available as custom features on previous models where now included as standard equipment.
Aprox November 1978 the trim was changed over to the newer style Commodore style texture as the old stocks became deleted.
Trim colours where Black, Chamois, Buckskin and Tan.  With the change to Commodore materials came the new colours Light Grey and Light Blue.  Chamois and Tan where removed with the Commodore material introduction.
Late production 5.0 litre engines may have featured the revised prefix - ZT
The HZ GTS model discontinued before the end of the HZ production. 

RPO   No. Description
AO1   Tinted Glass - All Windows (incl. AO2)
AO2   Tinted/Laminated Windshield
A22   Laminated Winshield
A31   Power Windows
A47   Rear Sear Lap and Shoulder Belts with Retractor
A8K   Vinyl Roof Cover - Sierra
A9N   Delete Air Dam and Rear Spoiler
B84   Exterior Ornamentation
CB1   Vinyl Roof Cover - Buckskin
CB3   Vinyl Roof Cover - Chamois
C27   Vinyl Roof Cover - Black
C60   Air Conditioning (incl. AO1, K96, UA1)
D85   Two Tone Paint Sports Striping
D99   Two Tone Paint
GU4   3.08:1 Rear Axle
GV4   3.36:1 Rear Axle
GV7   3.55:1 Rear Axle
G66   Superlift Shock Absorbers
G70   2.60:1 Rear Axle
G80   Limited Slip Differential
K96   55 Amp Alternator
L31   5.0 Litre Engine
M21   High Preformance 4 Speed Manual Gearbox
M40   Trimatic Gearbox
M41   Turbo-Trimatic Gearbox
M71   Wire Wheels
PE1   Polycast Wheels
UA1   Heavy Dusty Battery
UL5   Delete Radio
U57   Cassette Player
U75   Power Operated Rear Radio Aerial
U80   Rear Seat Speaker
VO1   Heavy dusty Radiator
V37   Chrome Bumpers
XS7   Anti-Theft Spring
XS9   Vinyl and Nylon Cloth Trim
XW3   Vinyl Roof Cover - Tan
XW5   Outback Equipment Package (incl. H/D Supsension)
XY9   Neutral Headlining - Chamois

Vinyl roof not available on early production vehicles (pre mid 78).
When introduced it was rependant on exterior colour and interior trim combonation.  
Towards the end of the GTS production new vinyl roof colours where avaiable.  They where Dark Carmine, Light Blue, Light Grey and Medium Green.
RPO XS9 on early vehicles featured Tartan plaid cloth trim with a central colour stripe reflecting the exterior colour of the vehicle.  Later vehicles featured slightly different design Tartan Plaid Cloth with no central colour stripe.
RPO XW5 included RPO F72 which on its own was not available on the GTS.
Mid 1978 update featured the following RPO's as standard equipment AO1, A47, L31, M21 and N40.

Paint Code Colour Comb. Sugested Trim Colour
30525 Atlantis Blue Metallic 1934/1448 11, 18, 23, 60, 63, 67
30851 Aztec Silver Metallic   1952     23
30517   Flamenco Red   1926/1441 11, 18, 60, 63, 67
30518   Jasmin Yellow   1927/1442 18, 60, 63, 67
30856   Nocturnal Blue Metallic 1957 11, 23, 63
30521   Palais White 1930  11, 18, 23, 60, 63, 67
30583   Sandlewood Metallic 1945/1482 63
30529   Super Mint Metallic 1938/1453 18, 60, 63, 67
30523   Ultra Blue 1932/1446  11, 18, 23, 60, 63, 67
Sugested Trim Colours are recomended only.  Other combo's where available.
Early production vehicles where avaiable with two tone paint.  Palais White was the upper body colour.  The second colour combo number is for vehicles exercising the two tone paint option.
Sprots "GTS" Wheels where finished in body colour and Charcoal.
Polycast Wheels where Wheel Silver Metalic with a chrome centre cap.
Wire Wheels had a chrome centre cap with black emblem.

Paint Code Colour  
00990 Grille - Low Gloss Black  
04149 Black  
15991 Blackouts - Tuxedo Black  
17216 GTS Wheels Silver Metallic  
17473 GTS Wheels Charcoal
10890 Engines - HK Rocket Red

Paint Code Colour
00136 RSL Light Blue
11426 Seamist Green
12186 Cameo Gold
13935 Kraft Blue
15942 Contessa Gold
15944 Deauville Blue
15945 Jade Green
15947 Satin Mist
15953 Mandarin Red
17776 Sierra Tan
17777 Papaya
15942 Contessa Gold
30530 Windsor Blue
30525 Atlantis Blue
  R.M. Orange
17989 G.S. Afflair
  Acaco Red

11C - Light Grey
11T - Light Grey and Cloth
18V - Slate Black
18X - Slate Black and Cloth
23C - Light Blue
23T - Light Blue and Cloth
23V - Light Blue
23X - Light Blue and Cloth
60V - Chamois
60X - Chamois and Cloth
63C - Buckskin
63T - Buckskin and Cloth
63V - Buckskin
63X - Buckskin and Cloth
67V - Tan
67X - Tan and Cloth
Tartan Plaid Cloth trim was the only optional seat insert avaiable on the GTS
Cloth insert material changed with the introduction of the Commodore materials.
"C" and "T" style trims are both Commodore type materials.
Non Cloth trims had the Golfball insert material instead of the cloth insert.

Rocker panels, door frames and front and rear panel treatment was Tuxedo Black for all vehicle colours.
The GTS also has unique to the HZ GTS, two tone sports strips.  Depending on interior trim colour, the two tone sports stripes could be different for a given colour. 

Trim Comb 18, 60 and 23* (* up to 10/78)


Shade No. Narrow Stripe Wide Stripe
30517 - Flamenco Red Papaya Mandarin Red
30518 - Jasmine Yellow Papaya Mandarin Red
30521 - Palais White Satin Mist Deauville Blue
30523 - Ultra Blue RSL Light Blue Kraft Blue
30525 - Atlantis Blue Satin Mist Deauville Blue
30529 - Super Mint Seamist Green Jade Green


Trim Comb 63* and 67 (* up to 10/78)


Shade No. Narrow Stripe Wide Stripe
30517 - Flamenco Red Papaya Mandarin Red
30518 - Jasmine Yellow Contessa Gold Sierra Tan
30521 - Palais White Contessa Gold Sierra Tan
30523 - Ultra Blue RSL Light Blue Kraft Blue
30525 - Atlantis Blue Satin Mist Deauville Blue
30529 - Super Mint Seamist Green Jade Green


Trim Comb 11 & 23# (# from 10/78)


Shade No. Narrow Stripe Wide Stripe
30517 - Flamenco Red Windsor Blue Satin mist 
30521 - Palais White Windsor Blue Satin mist 
30525 - Atlantis Blue Windsor Blue Satin mist 
30851 - Aztec Silver Windsor Blue Atlantis blue
30583 - Sandlewood    
30856 - Nocturn Blue Atlantis blue Satin mist 


Trim Comb 63# (# from 10/78)

Shade No. Narrow Stripe Wide Stripe
30517 - Flamenco Red Papaya G.S. Afflair
30521 - Palais White Papaya G.S. Afflair
30525 - Atlantis Blue    
30851 - Aztec Silver Papaya Mandarin Red
30583 - Sandlewood Sierra Tan G.S. Afflair
30856 - Nocturn Blue R.M. Orange
Contessa Gold
Acaco Red

Cameo Gold