My HZ GTS Rebuild

Brought January 2008.

Complete matching number.  Chassis and tags.  Original Engine. HZ GTS.

Pailis White 308 T400.

Had been sitting in a shed fully stripped, sandblasted and undercoated for 10 years!  Unbelieveable, but all parts where still there!  Even the badges and GTS bits!

Still have original SA rego plates.   I am the 3rd owner since new.

Came with heaps of extra parts!  Payed $3000 for the car including all the extra parts! 

Sold the extra parts for over $3000.  Made my money back.

Cant complain.  got a FREE GTS!



 Jan 08 - Day I picked her up!

Jan 08 - The only problem rust spot!

 Jan 08 - Tiny little bit of rust.

 Jan 08 - Very straight!  only 1 or two extra little holes in firewall!  You little ripper.

 Jan 08 - plenum chamber.  wow!  only a little surface rust!

 Jan 08 - speaker holes have been enlarged a little.

 Jan 08 - All original boot spoiler holes, badge holes in boot and cutouts in spoiler etc are all there!


 Jan 08 - Straight rear 1/4's

 Jan 08 - Little bit of gutter rust.  nothing major.

 Jan 08 - "some" of the extra parts.

 Jan 08 - "some" of the extra parts.

 Jan 08 - "some" of the extra parts.

 Jan 08 - "some" of the extra parts.

 Jan 08 - Tucked away stored in the shed.  waiting to be played with.  Note the very nice seats.  rear seat is like new!!  Will recover anyway =)


 Jan 08 - "some" of the extra parts.


 Jan 08 - Pulled apart the chassis.  Will start playing soon.


 Jan 08 - "some" of the extra parts and GTS Parts.


 Jan 08 - outline of the factory AC.


 Jan 08 - nice clean firewall


 Jan 08 - Chassis bits.  Time for rebuild.


 Jan 08 - Chassis bits.  Time for rebuild.  Original balljoints!  good news she has never been played with!


 Jan 08 - Original Engine.  Matches tags perfectly!  Sadly it was stripped 10years ago like the car.  But atleast it was primed.  inside and out.  will need a good clean but defently rebuildable!


 Jan 08 - T400 Gearbox.  good goer im told...  will rebuild anyway.


 Jan 08 - "some" of the extra parts and GTS Parts.


 Jan 08 - "some" of the extra parts and GTS Parts.


  Jan 08 - "some" of the extra parts and GTS Parts.  Even some extra badges.  HT/HK GTS etc.


 Jan 08 - original GTS mirrors in good nick.


 Jan 08 - all seats are in good condition.  Rears are mint!  Fronts are ok.  But will retrim the all.


 Jan 08 - "some" of the extra parts (spare chassis bits)


   Jan 08 - "some" of the spare pannels.  came with a few!


 Jan 08 - "some" of the GTS Parts.  Including the original numberplates!


 April 08 - All the Nuts and bolts for the chassis.  Ready for plating and cleanup.