Chrysler CL Valiant Drifter Ute Stripes - Light Blue, Mid Blue, Black

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Printed onto only the best quality automotive media.  Profile cut to size.

Reproduced from an original samples.  Hours of work tracing within fractions of a mm of originals.  Finished in a Satin finish to keep with the original 70's look.  (also available as a full high gloss if preferred)


Crisp colours matched to originals!

Price is for a full set
Complete side stripes, rear tailgate logo and guard logos.

Logos come with application tape.  Rest don't unless requested.  (they post much better without it).  Need someone to fit them?  We maybe able to put you onto someone in your area who has fitted stripes for our customers before.

Comes with fitting instructions and measurements for locations of all decals.  Measured off an untouched original CL Drifter ute.

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