Holden Super Chicken HQ Panelvan/Ute Stripes Decals

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Stickthis Automotive Decals and Stripes Established in 1999.
Our decals are certified Australian Made.

Printed onto only the best quality Avery Cast automotive media.  Profile cut to size.

We searched for many years looking for samples of these stripes.  Finally a couple of years ago we found a kit!

Reproduced from genuine GMH New Old Stock samples.  Hours of work tracing both the Super Chicken and Water Splash kits within fractions of a mm of originals.  (see sample photos).  Finished with a gloss cast media laminate.  We have printed them onto an air release media.  Making them nearly impossible to get air bubbles!

Crisp bright colours matched to originals!  Stripes in photos have a clear application tape over them.  So this does take some of the shine away.  Once fitted and application tape is removed these are SUPER BRIGHT!

Price is for a full set.  The superchicken kit will fit on all HQ-WB Panelvans and Utes.  May also fit wagons.

Comes with fitting instructions.

Original GMH Advert image is for reference only.

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