HX and early HZ Clutch Rebuild Bushes, Washers and Springs Kit - V8

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Reproduction HX and Early HZ Push Mechanical half cable half "rat trap" rebuild kit.


These kits are for rebuilding the half cable half clutch knows and the "push clutch" kits. Found in all HX's and early HZ's.  HJ used full mechanical Clutch.  Mid HZ the full cable clutch was introduced.

This kit suits the V8 engine.  See our other items for the 6cyl Kit as they are different.

Bolts are High Tensile.  Studs have been machined from 4140 hex shaft.  Meaning they are also High Tensile.

You may need to do some repairs still to your linkages if holes in the brackets are flogged out. But this kit will replace all the bushes and springs.

We found it impossoible to get these parts when doing our own factory correct HX Sandman restoration.  Hunted down some originals and reproduced them to as per original specs. 

All parts are machined and quality zinc plated right here in AUSTRALIA 

Supplied with info to show what part goes where.




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