Sandman Stripe and Decal Kit , DY2 (Orange, Bright Blue, Blue) - HX, HZ

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Screen Printed DY2 HX/HZ Sandman Stripes.  Orange, Bright Blue, Blue.

Holden Sandman Sticker Kit - Complete

To suit HX/HZ Sandman's
This includes:
- Guard stripes
- Door stripes
- 1/4 panel side stripe
- Tailgate logo
- Guard logos
- Fitting instructions.

These have been made and matched from NOS (new old stock) kits.  So lines are perfect.  Colours matched to NOS samples as much as possible! 

They are HAND SCREEN PRINTED onto high quality clear vinyl.  This is the EXACT way the originals where done.  There is NO better reproduction available on the market.  90% of current and previous sandman restorers (whom use our stripes), cant be wrong.  We have been doing these for years now.  And colours are still as bright as the day they were applied!


Side stripes are a 3 piece side.  As per original.  Separate pieces for doors, guards and 1/4's.  No cut outs for door locks or fuel fillers.  Incase yours are flushed or for any reason in a different spot.


These are NOT Digital printed kits like any other that's on the market.  You pay for what you get.




If you have questions about your sandman or what stripe colour suits jump onto the mysandman forums or contact us.


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