SV Walkinshaw Bonnet, Boot and Guard Badge Kit, VL

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Stickthis Decals is a Certified Australian Made Business.  This decal is Certified as Australian Made.  Let's keep our cash on Australian shores!

1 x Holden SV VL Walkinshaw Guard, Boot and Bonnet Badge Set.
Consists of:
- 2 x Guard Badges
- 1 x Bonnet Badge
- 1 x Boot Badge
(Change the qty if you require more)
Printed onto only the best quality automotive adhesive media. Profile cut to size.
Resin domed topped. With UV stable resin designed for Australian conditions. Be careful of imported resin decals. There is some very cheap resins out there that will go yellow very quickly.
Reproduced from original New Old Stock (NOS) samples and original cars to exact originals.

- VL Walkinshaw

All products reproduced by us here at Stickthis Decals are reproduced from an original and/or genuine NOS (New Old Stock) samples.  Artwork has been meticulously traced within fractions of a mm and colours are always matched precisely to original.
We do not copy other peoples copies as there is no way to prove they are correct.
If you have any questions please use this link: Contact Us