VN Limited Edition - Complete Stripe Kit

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VN Limited Edition Sedan Stripe Kit. 

Huge $ and hours have gone into these to get them right!  Due to the rarity and the setup costs to do these kits I'm sorry but they are not cheap!  We may never sell enough to even see the setup/printing costs back.

This includes:
This includes:
- All side silver stripes and red stripe.  For the Guards, Doors, 1/4's are back end.  All Screen Printed onto clear.  LIKE THE ORIGINALS.  With the LE printed into the guard and Limited Edition printed into the boot decals!

Will come with some instructions to help with fitting them in the correct locations if needed.

This kit was made and matched from a very original car and some NOS decals.  So lines are perfect.  Colours are perfect.  Font and shapes are perfect.  Everything is perfect.

They are SCREEN PRINTED onto high quality clear vinyl.  This is the EXACT way the originals where done.  There is NO better reproduction available on the market.


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