VN SS - Complete Stripe Kit

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Quality? Accuracy? Colours which pop with that out of the show room gleam?




After years of supplying the VN SS community with decal and pinstripe kits for their projects, we’ve seen the standard of the VN SS rise, and so we’ve taken the steps and made the changes to our line to ensure our VN SS kits surpass past supplied lines.




What’s super new with our current print run?


We’ve added a clear over flowcoat as an extra layer of protection. No more silvery residue which was a niggly but harmless occurrence on all previously supplied VN SS silver striping.


After the success of using the “kiss-cut” method to profile cut our Sandman stripes, we are now sending our VN SS prints off to receive the same treatment. The result of this venture? Amazing, accurate clean-cut stripes!


Finally, we now include fitting guide templates for the boot decals, which your fitter will drool over.




2020 changes to the VN SS kits, which we think you’ll love as much as we do:


Each kit is printed onto a newer, higher quality Avery Dennison cast vinyl.


Art has been re-drawn and traced from scratch, working off our own NOS samples, to get with the times.

The bazillion dots in the “SS” are even closer to original, with the correct “fade” effect these decals are iconic for!

The “SS” has even put on some “weight”, now sporting a thickened up silver shadow as per our NOS sample.

We’ve even gone that extra touch, ensuring the clear border lines are around the “SS” as per the original.

New technology and inks mean we’ve re-colour matched every colour, including the silvers, to our NOS samples to ensure our kits are boasting that same original colour.








What’s the same?


Still screen printed, of course!

The 11 Meters of Red/Silver pinstripe.


Still quality checked to ensure you are receiving the best to put on your car.


You still receive the same after care and service we’ve always provided, and a quality product to get your car back on the road, or out into the show scene.



What you get:
- Both "SS" and "Holden boot decals
- Guard silver stripes
- Front and Back bumper silver stripes
- Rear door silver stripes
- Front door silver stripes (With the "SS" logos printed onto the same decal. As original.)
- 1x 11 meter roll of correct width red/silver pinstripe.

Fitting instructions are a part of each kit, including fitment templates for the two boot stickers.



For more information, please get in touch with either Jason or Jess


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